What an unpredictable year we had passed in 2020! The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly changed our daily lifestyle and has introduced us to a “new normal” lifestyle. The pandemic has also reshaped the business world and Consumer behavior. The year 2021 has brought new hope for every class of people. The business world deals with the newly reshaped consumer’s attitude with new hopes and targets. All the businesses and the companies now have a completely new market to serve following the market scenarios. For this challenge, an advanced strategy marketing named “Digital Marketing” has approached the business world. All the businessman/ business strategists have worked hard to keep pace with this new marketing strategy and try their level best to reach more consumers through digital marketing. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail how you can select the best digital marketing agency in Bangladesh.

1. Boost your business with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

In 2021, Digital marketing is the best way to connect and influence your potential customers. Digital media provides you countless marketing opportunities for your products. According to Chris Brogan (CEO & Owner, Media Group), “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale.” Nowadays as a marketer, you need to give more focus on digital relationships with your beloved consumers. The more you ensure the presence of your products/services in digital media, the more you get the opportunity to flourish your business.

Digital Marketing landscapes are changing rapidly worldwide. Both the consumers & the entrepreneurs are preparing themselves for digital growth day by day. The Global growth in digital device & internet users indicates that buying & selling product services are transforming to serve through Digital. The most relevant way to keep up with the latest marketing trends is by examining the recent marketing statistics.

Following the report of (https://www.omnicoreagency.com/digital-marketing-statistics), it shows that 40% of all mobile users are searching for a local business or interest. 1 in 10 mobile searches for local business information results in a purchase.

As for February of 2020, Statista reports a 13% increase in digital marketing budget compared to August 2019 (11.8%) in their study.

Smart Insights, 2020(https://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy) reports, “45% of organizations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.”

CoSchedule (2019) reckons, “Marketing teams that document their strategy are 313% more likely to report success than those that don’t.”

It’s high time to grow your business through digital marketing. Once you’ve decided to use digital marketing for your business, the next question will be: are you going to take on the project yourself, or hire a Digital Marketing Agency to manage the process for you?

2. Why do you choose the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

The scenario of Digital Marketing Agency is changing progressively in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has now many Digital Marketing Agencies that undoubtedly offer a clear edge over traditional media and also encourage businessmen to expand and increase their marketing budget on digital media. Digital Marketing strategies have been developed over the years following the changing of consumer’s behavior. The Digital marketing professionals in Bangladesh help you to seize the market or advertise opportunities for your business, through online platforms like Search Engine, Social Media, and Paid channels. They focus solely on digital media over the traditional marketing media like print or television.

Lower costs and higher flexibility are the most common features of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. As an entrepreneur, it is hard for you to invest in Marketing like multinational companies. Your budget is limited but you need to figure out the best within your limited budget. You can easily save your budget and reach more consumers for your business by selecting the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh. The Digital Marketers in Bangladesh are agile, cautious, smart, and adapt to the latest changes. It will definitely be a wiser decision to have a look at the best Digital Marketing Agency of Bangladesh before you make any decision.

3. How to select the best Digital Marketing Agency In Bangladesh

A Digital Marketing Agency operates like an Umbrella for your business/e-commerce. Under an Umbrella, you always feel safe from the rain and sun heat. Just like the same way, under the best Digital Marketing Agency supervision/observation, your business remains secure from unexpected issues & problems with new marketing tactics & strategies. Hiring the best Digital Marketing Agency is often the best course of action for businesses like you who are seeking to establish their products/services online.

Here, we are presenting to you how to select the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh after doing our in-depth research. The most effective tips will definitely help you to make a better decision to select the best Digital Marketing Agency which will take you closer to your targeted consumers/customers.

3.1. Identify your Business’s Target

As an entrepreneur, your business is your life-cherished dream. For building a solid foundation for your business, you must know about your business’s goal and target at first. You can get help by following these most interesting strategies.

3.1.1. Demand analysis

Demand analysis is vital for businesses in the modern ages. It is the most efficient process to analyze the targeted customer’s demand for a product/service in the potential market. By using demand analysis techniques, businessmen/entrepreneurs like you, find a better understanding of the high-demand markets and get an idea of whether you can successfully enter a market and generate expected profits to expand business operations or not. After identifying the potential customer & market, you are one step closer to strategize your marketing policy for your business/products.

3.1.2. Set an Questionnaire

After the Demand Analysis, you must be aware of your business and consumer’s behavior and target. According to https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/299335, “Most entrepreneurs are so busy working “in” their businesses that they fail to work “on” their businesses.” As a result, most entrepreneurs overlook some basic starting points of their businesses. But you can not afford the same mistake! So, before selecting a marketing strategy/hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, you need to ask yourself some questions like:
  • What do I want to serve from my business?
  • What do I want to achieve from my business?
  • How will my products impress targeted audiences?
  • Why do the targeted audiences consider my business best?
  • What will be my plan of action for my business?
  • What will be the main marketing goals for my product?
  • How can I get more advantages from marketing?
  • How will a Digital Marketing Agency go to help my business?
  • Which sector do I need to improve for my business?
  • Which marketing strategy will be helpful for me?

3.2. Create a shortlist of Suitable Agency For Your Business

Now you are aware of your business’s target better by following the above strategies. Now, you have come to realize that you are in need of a suitable agency that meets your needs. In the industry report by IBISWorld (www.ibisworld.com), it is reported that the total number of digital agencies in the world is 7,865 to help your industry. Where do you begin? Whom do you ask?

Creating a shortlist of suitable/preferable agencies is no easy task that meets your needs. Don’t worry! Let’s put a smile on your face and remember that You are the boss here!

We are going to make the whole process of selecting suitable agencies very easy and simple for you. Just apply the “SLSB” filter (Services, Location, Size, Budget). You just keep the “SLSB” filter on your mind and gather information about the Services, Location, Size, Budget of each agency. If the “SLSB” filter’s information works for business, then put the agency information in your list and pass it for the further stage.

3.3. Do Your Research on Preferable Agency’s

You have reached the third stage and it is the most important stage “Research” on some of your preferable agencies. After the “SLSB” filter, you have just a little information in your hand. You need more detailed information about your preferable agencies and Research is the only best way for that. According to Wernher Von Braun, an American-German aerospace engineer, “Research is what I’m doing when I don’t know what I’m doing.” You are also in the same stage because you do not know which agency you are going to select. So, you need to do detailed research on your shortlisted agencies.

3.3.1. Understanding The Agency Service

The first stage of research is to understand the services that the agency is going to provide you. You need to find a professional Digital Marketing Agency that will serve you in every aspect of digital media. It also broadens the opportunity of your company/ business with more available options that you can use to scale up your marketing strategy. For example, you feel the urgency to hire a Digital Marketing Agency to increase the online presence and build a loyal group of customers for your business. We all know that social media is a great way of doing that. Besides, most of the Internet search is happening in the search engine. If your selected agency does the best social media marketing, then you also have to hire another agency to cover other marketing areas because you can not just ignore the marketing opportunity related to Search Engine.

So, to avoid this kind of problem, you need to hire a Digital Marketing Agency that can offer you both of the needed services. So, you have to be more sure about the available services of your preferred agencies. Otherwise, you will be in deep trouble!

3.3.2. Processes the Agency follow

Every Digital Marketing agency follows a different process to accomplish the customer’s needs. Each of the agencies is trying hard and soul to impress their clients more with their process of working & variety of the services. Before reviewing the process of any particular agency, you just check the other available services of that agency. Suppose Betra Web (https://betraweb.com/), a prominent web agency, can offer services like WordPress development, Graphics Design, Virtual Assistant along with Digital Marketing. If you select a service agency like Betra Web (https://betraweb.com/), then there is a great chance to get help for the other problems as well. By analyzing the whole process & various services of an agency, you can develop a better strategic & long period partnership with that agency to build your business for a brighter future.

3.3.3. Experienced and specialized team members

An effective digital marketing team works together to develop and implement integrated marketing strategies. So, it is necessary to make sure that the agency you want to hire has the right team members to suit your needs. For example, you need to do Banner Design for your website. It will not be a good decision to hire someone who does not have experience in graphic design. You need to remember that a professional & experienced can handle your demands with more creativity and with less time, of course! The more experienced professionals you hire for your business, the more chances of success your business will increase.

3.4. Solve The Right Queries

Hope, your preferable Digital Marketing Agencies list is short now. Please hold your smile a bit more because you are coming closer to select the best Digital Marketing Agency of Bangladesh for your business. There are some uncertainties you will find after the research stage. You can clear those uncertainties only by asking the agency directly. After all, the best thing to clear those uncertainties is asking questions. By solving those queries, you give an excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more.

3.4.1. Price the Agency Charge

How Much Should A Digital Agency Cost? It is the most asked question from every kind of business owner. There is no specific answer to this question. The answer depends on various factors covering your business, such as your marketing budget and goals. There are various pricing structures in which way you can pay your preferred agency. The most practiced five paying structures are:

Project-based model: It is the most popular payment structure for most businessmen. In this structure, you can charge a flat fee for any project and also allows you to test the results of small tasks before agreeing to long-term commitments.

Retainer model: After establishing a relationship with your agency, you can move onto a retainer pricing model where you can pay upfront monthly. In this payment structure, you just need to build a good relationship with your hired agency and pay them every month.

Recurring model: This kind of payment structure attracts agencies who are interested in extended services. You can easily bring a steady income with Long-term contracts.

Performance-based model: This type of payment structure is easy to scale. But for this, the agency has to work hard for building a reputation and drive positive results. Because all that matters in this payment method are the performance of your hired agency.

Customized pricing model: In the Digital Marketing world, this payment structure is very cost-efficient. As a client, you have the opportunity to customize your pricing model following your budget & demand. 

Value-based model: It is based on the value that your chosen agency brings to your business. You will be aware of precisely the value the agency is going to add to your business’s marketing.

3.4.2. Tools the Agency Prefer

Digital marketing Agencies today live and die by the tools from task planning to data analytics and reporting. It may sound dramatic to hear, but in modern times it is the fact. A Digital Marketing agency that uses good tools in strategic ways can save hours. The tools will let you deliver the best quality work within the shortest possible time. So it is your obvious task to inquire about the tools which are used by the agency. It should be ensured that if the agency uses advanced tools to analyze, it will definitely let you deliver a customized experience. You don’t want to hire someone/ agency who doesn’t have much idea over advanced tools. Because it will not let your business grow swiftly and analytically. It is not good for your business, is it?

3.5. Review the Agency’s Previous Work

Suppose, you are checking yourself in front of a mirror before going out with your friends. What can you see? You see your looking reflection through which you can get an idea whether you are looking good or not, if not which part of your attire/dress you need to improve. Just like the same way, we believe that the review is like the mirror of an agency. By reviewing the previous works/reviews by your preferred agency, you can get the best overviews such as client experiences, ratings, work management, work-place culture, etc of an agency. The review leads you to find out what they are capable of doing and whether their client’s experiences are consistently good or not.

3.5.1. Quality the Agency Hold

A Digital Marketing Agency with a reputation for high-quality services offers you the highest possible chance of a successful long-term partnership. Before selecting an agency, you need to be double-sure about the quality of services. Because an average service hinders you from achieving your marketing target and consumes more time. Listen carefully to what the previous clients say about the services! It will definitely give you the best ideas and take you one step closer to select the best Digital Marketing Agency.

3.5.2. Consistency the Agency Maintain

The best Digital Marketing Agency always offers quality services consistently for the clients. In the same way, you just need to find out the consistency of your preferred agency. Because a consistent quality service helps you to build a healthy partnership with the consumers. You need to check the previous client’s reviews regarding the agency’s work & consistency, work culture, work management policy etc. Because a consistent agency develops trendy marketing tricks to cope with the client’s demand.

3.6. Request for a Formal Proposal

You are just one step far from the final decision. After following the above steps, we hope that you have found out the potential Digital Marketing Agencies for your business. It’s your right time to ask for a formal proposal from those preferable agencies. A formal proposal can give you the idea in which way the agency is going to complete a task for your business. You may also ask them to prepare some ideas so that they can pitch them to you. The Digital Marketing Agency will present the best idea to impress you. You just need to take a sip from your cup and find out which digital marketing idea is going to give you the best possible output.

3.7. Arrange a Final Meeting with The Agency

Congratulations! You have reached the last step before selecting the best Digital Marketing agency. If you have been happy with everything so far, it is time to arrange a meeting with the most preferable digital agency. Meeting with the agency will be a good way to know each other’s demands. Like, you can get a better understanding of the agency, working policy, innovative ideas, and culture. Besides, the agency also gets a better idea of your needs to grow your business. The meeting will offer an opportunity to resolve any issues with the team before moving forward.

4. Describing the advantages of Betra Web for the best output

Pat yourself on your back proudly! We hope that our advanced tips help you to select the best Digital Marketing Agency of Bangladesh. By keeping those tips in mind, you find the best Digital Marketing Agency which offers to develop your marketing tactics to bring out the best output for your business. We feel that as an emerging entrepreneur, you have many things on your plate such as managing daily operations, planning with creativity, meeting with investors, organization & management, and so on. But you have not had much time in your hand. It will be best for you if you find the best Digital Marketing Agency that has all the
above-mentioned qualities within the shortest possible time.

Guess what, you just have found one! Betra Web (https://betraweb.com) is one of the promising Digital Marketing agencies of Bangladesh in 2020 and is determined to be the best Digital Marketing agency in Bangladesh. Betra Web’s prominence is to serve a better solution for their respected clients. They are not only really good at what they do, but they are also genuinely very much passionate about doing that.

Their main goal is to offer top-quality services for you at an affordable price. Their specialized & experienced Digital Marketer will always be there for you to suit perfectly your marketing strategy to accomplish your needs.  Along with Digital Marketing, our other available services are WordPress Website Development & Customization, Graphic Design, Virtual Assistant, and so on. Their honest, transparent, various services & advanced skills will definitely impress you to move forward with Betra Web. It’s their promise!

Are you Feeling Interested in learning more about Betra Web, aren’t you? Please have a look at the website https://betraweb.com/ for further details. Want to chat with them about how their experienced digital marketing team helps to boost your business’s success? Give a call at +8801964-101020 or send an email at contact@betraweb.com today to get the conversation started!

5. Conclusion

In modern times, there is no chance to avoid the presence of Digital Marketing for your business. Digital Marketing has much potential for making your business successful. You need to strategize your marketing policy through Digital medium for the long run of your business. In this perspective, hiring the best Digital Marketing agency in Bangladesh will offer you an advanced marketing strategy according to your business demand/policy.

You keep your business easily a few steps ahead by hiring the best Digital Marketing agency by getting an expert team & advice. The more supporting hands for you will accelerate to get the expected results.

Selecting the best Digital Marketing Agency is a strategy, and it will always be the same. It’s better not to hope that you can certainly grow your business in one day. So, it’s wise not to expect finding the best Digital Marketing Agency to be easier without following the above tips.

Just take your time and perform your best research. Be more flexible to gather ideas and be firm when you need to make a decision. Thus, you will come across the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh that will take your business to the next level.

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